Our top industry leading products include the most high-quality brands

Growall Solar
Jinki Solar Panels
Eging PV Solar Panels
Canadian Solar Panels
Qcells Solar Panels
Seraphim Solar Panels
ET Solar Panels
Canadian Solar
GCL Solar
Longi Solar
Risen Solar Technology
Suntect Solar Panels
TW Solar
Infinity Solar Panels
We only use Clean Energy Council approved Inverters such as

We only use Clean Energy Council approved Battery, such as

LG Chem Battery
BYD Battery
Sonnen Battery
Tesla Battery
Sungrow Battery
We work with the best brands in the Renewable Energy industry because we want to ensure that your system works for many years to come. It’s our aim to deliver solutions that last. Our clean energy council approved solar panels and inverter are perfect for residential areas, and depending on the amount of light that you receive on your roof, you may be able to replace a significant amount of your power use with solar energy.

Choose Solaroos to get you started on converting to green solar power today. Whether you need solar panels on a flat roof or any other type or roof, we can help you.

Let’s help you to meet your environment & sustainable objectives